Judith Mason

She takes everyone by surprise. People are either intrigued or repulsed – but no one is unaffected. She watches over my family like a mythical guardian and ancestral deity.

She growls her affection and sneers at any reciprocation. Cynical and scared of her own love and that of others’. Her personal pain is etched in her reflection as her hair snakes around her open and broken jaws. She pleads understanding yet offers no olive branch. Flies are frozen in the moment – shaken into a reluctant halo. Mother Medusa, mother, muse. 

Judith Mason: you reminded me that a fragile beauty is hidden in the brutal monsters we create to protect what we love or fear losing. Thank you for your brave journey, for exposing and challenging, for your fierce talent and kind soul. I only met you once, but your “Muse Amused” will continue a conversation with me forever.


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