From an awkward vantage point, on my back, I see my two girls running and waddling like excited seabirds next to their father. The excitement to see the ocean for the first time overwhelming their senses. They dart around. Stop. Stare. Maia turns around to look back at me while the breeze plays with her curls. Dara bends down to pick up a pebble. Both in open-mouth astonishment at the rushing sheets of water inching closer to their soft pink toes. 

In a moment Maia will come running back with goosebumps and a wrinkled nose – it is a bit too nippy for her. Dara will come back to the nest of beachbags, cookies and towels in a moment too. 

But just now, I glimpse them out in the world to discover for themselves, to explore the boundaries between fear and fascination with so much innocence and awe.

I dig my toes into the warm white sand. This moment I will keep forever.I take a deep breath and close my eyes as I feel gratitude on my skin. Pause.


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