Joy to the world

This week I saw a young couple walking from the government hospital in the direction of the nearest bus stop in Mbombela. The man was carrying a bag across his shoulders and the slight woman beside him had, cradled in her arms, a small bundle covered with a fresh white blanket. She was wearing a fashionable Cuban-style hat and a floral summer dress. They walked tall and proud. They walked on air in the hot Lowveld sun. As I slowed my car to a halt at the traffic light, they too paused in the cool shade under a big tree next to the road. The tree was heavy with this season’s red flowers. They spoke to each other as they carefully switched their cargo; from his shoulder to hers, from her arms to his. The light turned green. As I pulled away in the opposite direction, I saw them in my rear-view mirror walking again … with tomorrow still sleeping peacefully in his arms.


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